Instant Restoration At The Grand Finale Of Easter Retreat 2023 Titled: God’s Covenant Of Peace And Blessings


Spirit of afflictions and diseases were bound, chained and cast out of the lives of multitudes who has been kept down with aged-long problems and complications, and there was restoration at the declaration of freedom and healing from the mouth of God’s servant, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

Here are the mysterious acts of God.

1. A boy, 13 years born deaf and dumb healed.
2. A man, 20 years madness epilepsy healed.
3. A woman, with 15 years of chest pain healed.
4. A woman, with three years of broken bone healed.
5. A woman with, one-year arthritis healed.
6. A woman, one-year waist pain healed.
7. A woman, with a one-year spiritual attack and unable to walk healed.
8. A man, two weeks knee pain healed.
9. A man, with 11 years of cataract and glaucoma healed.
10. A man, 5 months of broken leg healed.
11. A man, 6 months broken bone joined together.
12. A woman, with five years of arthritis healed.
13. A man, with a one-year swollen stomach and leg pains healed.
14. A man, four years broken bone joined together.
15. A man, six years broken bone and arthritis healed.
16. A man, with one-year paralysis rolled away.
17. A man, one-month hotness of body and arthritis healed.
18. A woman, one-year waist pain healed.
19. A woman, four years chronic cough healed.
20. A man, eight months broken bone joined together.
21. A woman, with three years of leg poison, healed.
22. A woman, 10 years unable to raise up her hands healed.
23. A woman, two years unable to walk healed.

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