Instant Restoration At “God That Changes Situation” Ebonyi State 2023 Crusade

Afflictions and diseases were cast out of the lives of multitudes who has been kept down with aged-long problems and complications, and at the declaration of freedom and healing from the mouth of God’s servant, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, their situations changed.
Here are the mysterious deeds of God.
Sis. Amarachi Nwogwu – 17yrs deaf and dumb healed
Sis. Amarachi John – 22yrs deaf and dumb healed
Bro. Uchechwuku Nwede – 22yrs deaf and dumb heald
Bro. Nwankwo Simeon – 5yrs Aseptic injury healed
Sis. Chioma Chukwu – 15yrs deaf and dumb healed
A man with 11 months of partial stroke healed
A woman 3yrs broken legs joined together healed
A woman – 8yrs deaf and dumb healed
Sis. Christiana – 3yrs blindness healed
Bro. Who pass God – 26yrs deaf and dumb healed
Bro. Okeke – 1-year accident and broken bone joined together healed
Sis. Ginika – 19 yrs deaf and dumb healed
8 months waist dislocation healed
Sis. Peace Onyeakachi – 7 months of difficulty in breathing and unable to walk healed
Sis. Celestine Mgbada – 8 months waist dislocation healed
Sis. Ruth – 7yrs stroke healed
Bro. Ogbonna Onake – 31yrs stroke and free now healed
Sis. Celestine Usulor – 3yrs waist dislocation healed
Sis. Theresa Ekpere – 3yrs waist dislocation healed
Bro. Emma Igboji – 5yrs stroke healed
Sis. Nkemdiri Mbamu – 19yrs deaf and dumb healed
Sis. Chinaza Ikelegu
16yrs deaf and dumb healed
4yrs broken bones healed
Sis. Orji Ruth – 23yrs deaf and dumb healed
Bro. Friday Igwe – 3yrs stroke healed
Sis. Mercy Nwankwo – 8 months stroke healed
Sis. Onwe Charity – 3yrs marine Spirit attacks and paralysis healed
Sis. Ugochi – 4yrs eye problem healed
Bro. Peter Nwede – 7yrs Blindness healed
Emmanuel Alicha – 8 months broken leg healed