Instant Miracles Of God At The Program Titled, “From Sorrow To Joy” 2023

Power As Of Old!
Irreparable chains and shackles of the disabled were broken and they were set free at the declaration of freedom by our Daddy in the Lord, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.
Here are the immediate miracles of God :
1. A boy, 14 years born deaf and dumb healed.
2. A man, 20 years born deaf and dumb healed.
3. A woman, with six months of broken bone joined together.
4. A man, five months stroke healed.
5. A man, six months stroke healed.
6. A man, two months broken bone healed.
7. A man, with one-year partial blindness healed.
8. A man, one year broken bone joined together.
9. A woman with 6yrs kidney problem healed
10. A woman, eight months of affliction healed.
10. A woman, six months inability to walk as a result of a broken bone healed,
11. A man, two months stroke healed.
12. A woman, with eight months of arthritis healed.
13. A man, with a one-month kidney problem and arthritis healed.
14. A man, with a one-month swollen leg healed.
15. A woman, 17 years arthritis healed.
16. A woman, one week of waist pain healed.
17. A woman, five months stroke healed.
18. A woman, with five years of heart failure healed.
19. A man, with a six-month swollen leg healed.
20. A woman, a seven-month broken leg healed.
21. A woman, three months stroke healed.
22. A man, two weeks stroke healed.
23. A man, two years of paralysis healed.
24. A woman, seven months broken bone healed.
25. A man, six years poison and body pain healed.
26. A woman, with a one-year kidney problem healed.
27. A man, with two years of kidney failure healed.
28. A woman, with four months of kidney disease healed.
29. A man, one month stroke healed.
30. A man, two years broken bone healed.
31. A man, with two years of heart problems healed.
32. A man, three months stroke healed.
33. A woman, with 10 months of waist pain and unable to walk healed.
34. A man, two years stroke healed.
35. A man, five years stroke healed.
36. A man, with three years of partial blindness healed.
37. A woman, three months stroke healed.
38. A woman, 30 years pain healed.
39. A woman, one month stroke healed
40. A man, 15 arthritis healed.
41. A woman, one-year pneumonia healed.
42. A woman, two years of body pain healed.
43. A boy, nine years old born with blindness healed.
44. A woman, three weeks headache healed.
45. A man, 19yrs born deaf and dumb healed.