Immediate Touch Of God At The Grand Finale Of “It Is Over 2023”

  1. A man, 25 years born deaf and dumb healed.
  2. A boy, 17 years born deaf and dumb healed.
  3. A woman, two months of liver expansion healed.
  4. A man, with three years of stroke instantly healed.
  5. A man, with 15 years of spinal cord injury healed.
  6. A man, three years partial stroke healed.
  7. A woman, 22 years blindness healed.
  8. A girl, eight years deaf and dumb healed.
  9. A boy, three years inability to walk healed.
  10. A man, threw months of stroke healed.
  11. A man, 12 years of stroke healed.
  12. A woman, with nine years of waist pain healed.
  13. A man, four years stroke healed.
  14. A man, four years partial stroke healed.
  15. A man, nine months of paralysis healed.
  16. A man, 25 years deaf and fund healed.
  17. A man, two years stroke rolled away.
  18. A woman, with three years of paralysis.
  19. A young man, three years stroke healed.
  20. A man, 12 years stroke healed.
  21. A man, one year and three months stroke healed.
  22. A man, four years stroke healed.
  23. A man, nine months of paralysis healed.
  24. A man, one year stroke healed.
  25. A man, 15 months stroke healed.
  26. A man, two months total blindness healed.
  27. A woman, with a one-year spinal cord injury healed.
  28. A girl, five years leg poison healed.
  29. A sister, two years stroke healed.
  30. A sister, two years of partial blindness healed.
  31. A brother, one year of fatal spinal cord injury healed.
  32. A woman, with two years of total blindness rolled away.
  33. A man, one year of fractured leg healed.
  34. A girl, two weeks right eye blindness healed.
  35. A man, with 10 years of arthritis rolled away.
  36. A man, four months stroke healed.
  37. A woman, with six months of breast pain healed.
  38. A girl, five and half years born deaf and dumb healed.
  39. A man, one month broken bone healed.
  40. A man, six months of waist pain healed.
  41. A man, six months moving object and swollen leg healed.
  42. A brother, two weeks waist pain healed.
  43. A brother, three years stroke healed.
  44. A brother, 16 years stammering tongue healed.
  45. A brother, 41 years born deaf and dumb healed.
  46. A brother, one year and six months stroke rolled away.
  47. A brother, two months accident and inability to walk healed.