I Was A Chronic Drunkard And Smoker Until I Came To The Lord’s Chosen

And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me- Psalm 50 vs 15

Indeed the great God of Heaven and Earth, the all-sufficient God, and deliverer broke the yoke of drunkenness in the life of our Brother and today he is rejoicing.

My name is Brother Chukwuemeka Ogbonna, I reside in Abuja. I have two testimony to give.

The first testimony: before now, I am not a member of this church, I take excessive alcohol and I smoke Indian hemp to the extent that it was uncontrollable for 20 years, this led me to start visiting churches, and seeking solutions all to no avail.

In 2008, a brother invited me to The Lord’s Chosen Church and I continued to attend, at a point I back slid but this brother will always encourage me that God of Chosen Answer Prayers and that continuation brings freedom, due to his persuasion I returned as a new member.

The day I returned to Chosen I looked at the inscription above the altar and I asked God if truly He is the living God He should break the yoke of drinking and smoking from my life. After service that day, I decided to visit my friend who loves to drink alcohol but couldn’t enter the place. I immediately detested the odour of alcohol. From that day till date, I stopped drinking and smoking. Hallelujah!!!

My second testimony goes thus:

After my deliverance, everything was going on well but at a point, things began to fall apart, anything I put my hands on fails. Then I started visiting churches again looking for solutions.

On a faithful day, in my dream, I met a prominent Pentecostal pastor to pray for me, he looked at me and then picked a heavy cane and began to flog me. I was pleaded with him that I came for him to pray for me and not to attack me. He said I should stop moving from church to church but rather I should go back to my church.

When I woke up I told myself that I was in the right place. I asked God for mercy and I promised Him that I will be a Chosen indeed. I also pray to God to favour me with a Job. Miraculously a man favoured me with a tricycle on hire purchase and within 6 months I paid up the money.

It is significant to advise all the people going from one church to another to stop because they are bringing confusion upon themselves.

I pray for our general Pastor and all the chosen members all over the world Heaven at last in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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