I Don’t Make Political Statement From The Pulpit Or During Preaching – Pst Lazarus Muoka (G.O) The Lord Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement

The two-day Power Packed Easter Retreat with the theme, “God’s Covenant Of Peace And Blessing” held on the 8th and 9th of April, 2023 was a huge success. The Faithful God, who has called us into the Covenant of peace and blessings, and the Chosen ones having entered and renewed the Covenant, with the proclamation of peace in our lives, Nigeria, and the world at large. In confirmation of the word of God’s servant for air-conditioned weather, there was a light downpour of rain which made the environment cool and calm for the worshippers to partake in the presence of God.

The annual crusade documented multitudes who were present and also those who joined virtually, there were record-breaking testimonies of the Lord’s doings by many who were previously afflicted and struck down by the enemy but regained their deliverances through the victory in the resurrection of Christ and also instant miracles:
13 years deaf and dumb healed.
20 years epilepsy healed.
11 years cataract and glaucoma healed and lots more.

The choristers, chorus leaders, and the entire congregation glorified the name of the Lord and proclaimed his faithfulness, peace, blessings, and victory over death.

The General Overseer stated that people who are peddling fake information, and duping people with his name and pictures on social media should desist from such, he also warned people to be wary of such dubious people who call them claiming to be the General Overseer asking for help or money or donations to orphanage homes. He said thus,

“I don’t ask for anything from anyone for prayers other than what is given in the church”.



Lastly, he said, “I don’t ask people to go to the mountains for prayer to get miracles, I am not a politician neither do I prophesy for politicians. My prayer for them is to let the will of God be done.

The revelations I receive from God are mostly in the interest of the church. I am here to prepare the people of God for heaven, ensure they live their lives according to the word of God, and minister to the peoples’ welfare both spiritually and otherwise, for us to make heaven at last.

Furthermore, in his ministration titled, “God’s Covenant Of Peace And Blessing”( parts 1&2), he explained that when we discover that our relationship with God is breached, we must not delay seeking to enter into a Covenant with the Almighty because God is holy and must not behold iniquity, 2nd Chronicles 7:14. As we repent, He’ll hear our prayers and forgive our iniquities.

During prayers, he decreed thus, “As you sincerely seek the face of God and ensure to serve Him with all your heart, God Almighty will visit and change your situation”.
“From this program henceforth, everything about you must be changed for good”.
“As you enter into Covenant with God, everything the enemy has destroyed shall be restored by God”.
“God’s Covenant of peace and blessings shall be permanent in your life and affect your generations at large”.

Finally, he declared peace, progress, blessing, long life, sound health, and protection upon all worshippers, their families, our nation (Nigeria), and all the continents of the world.

Hallelujah! The resurrection of Christ has brought to life and flushed every dead and ugly thing in our lives. We are victorious through the power of Christ’s resurrection.

Hallelujah! Jesus overcame.