I Died Twice But God Restored My Soul – Women Program 2023

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Psalms 23: 4

Indeed our Sister walked through the valley of death but our God delivered her in a mysterious way.
Read her testimony:

My name is Sister Chika Igbokwe, I want to thank God for restoring my soul twice and it happened thus;

My uncle died, so I boarded a bus to East for the burial, unknown to us that the driver of the bus was feeling dizzy because he just returned from night journey that very morning. As the journey began, I was led in my spirit to pray but I ignored that voice. So, on our way heading to Agbor, our driver slept off while on motion. Unfortunately for us, our bus hit a trailer. It was a fatal accident. All I could remember was the noise of the car when the accident occurred. When it happened, my heart failed me and I passed on.

I didn’t even know that I was already dead, all I saw was that my spirit left my body and gone to my house in the village When I got there, everywhere was dark, so I was telling my people to lighten up the house so that I can sleep since I can’t sleep in a dark place but none listened to me. I was trying to stand up and leave my house because it was dark, then my spirit returned to my body physically and I woke up.

When I woke up physically, I didn’t even know where I was but I noticed that everywhere was dark. I was trying to stand up, then my backbone shifted, the pain became severe. I looked around and discovered that many people were lying down there and we were naked, that was when I realized that I was in a mortuary. At that point, I started singing one of the Chosen songs which goes this: The God of Chosen cannot fail, hallelujah He cannot fail, the God of Chosen cannot fall, hallelujah He cannot fail. I kept singing this song until something strange happened.

All of a sudden, everywhere started shaking, The Angel of God confronted the mortuary attendants outside and commanded them to go and open the mortuary. Immediately they came and opened it and saw me alive, they brought me out and kept me in the reception room. I was in deep pain but they refused to attend to me, perhaps they were afraid of me because I was confirmed dead now, am alive.

However, I continued to sing that song. Someone came out and asked me, who gave me the authority to sing? I didn’t mind him, I continued to sing. Within a short while, a man came and asked me if I was a Chosen, I replied in affirmation. Then he left, he went to bring his brother, and when he returned he decided to carry me along for medical treatment. At that point, I was still naked until God touched a woman to clothe me. I was ready to go with the man and his brother. The man turned again and told me he was afraid to help me because I might die on the way and put his life in jeopardy.

Miraculously, God touched the driver who conveyed the man to help me. He drove me back to Lagos. On our way, he discovered that I could barely use my body, so I needed urgent medical attention. He asked me if I could give him any phone number of my relatives to reach out to, I was perplexed because I lost my phone and all my belongings in the accident, God being so merciful, a phone number appeared on my face, I called it for the man and it was my brother’s number. That was how my brother came and they took me to the orthopedic hospital at Ikpobi.

When we got to the hospital, my case was so critical that many doctors and nurses surrounded me and started stretching my bone and waist because my body was then stiff, In that process, I passed out again. It took days for me to come back to life again. When I eventually came back to life, God silenced the people who were mocking me because they wanted to ask me, where is my God?

After some time, I began to walk with crutches from there, God started working on me. Today, I can walk with my legs. Brethren, that was how I died twice but God restored my soul and today, I am a living testimony of God’s faithfulness.

Praise the Lord!

Wow! We serve a God who is able to do this or that. I don’t know your problem, please worship with us and God Almighty will break the unbreakable yoke in your life and you shall be the next to testify in Jesus name, Amen.

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