I Became A Terror To Terrorists In Saudi Arabia Border – Bro. Emmanuel Inagogo

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me, says the Lord.

Isaiah 54:17

Sometimes, the way God shows up for His children in times of trouble is mysterious. Indeed, He has proven to all that our protection is guaranteed in Him.

Read this incredible testimony of our beloved brother to the end and see how God showed up for him.

My name is Brother Emmanuel Inagogo. I became a bonafide member of The Lord’s Chosen church in 2014 in Qatar, Arabian Peninsula. Prior to this time, I was attending Chosen in Nigeria under duress because my father mandated all his children to do so. My father was so strict to the extent that if you didn’t go to church and evangelism, you wouldn’t eat in our house. Within that period, God healed me of a stomach ulcer, yet I was struggling to come to church. It was after our General Overseer visited Qatar in 2014 that I made up my mind to be a full Chosen because I saw the power of God in another dimension.

In 2013, I got a visa to Qatar. I was happy because I thought I would not attend church again, unknown to me that God was sending me there for a purpose. In Qatar, I was doing a menial job in one company. Until our General Overseer came for the program over there. I was opportune to attend the program, he preached to us and admonished us to live a life of holiness and righteousness. Afterward, he prayed for us and charged us to always declare that we are Chosen in times of danger and that we will see God’s divine intervention.
He further added that the country was a Muslim and Arabic country, therefore he released the Angels of God Almighty to follow the Chosen Ones. He also prayed for good jobs and I claimed it with happiness.

A month after the crusade, I got another job with a juicy salary in another company. I was previously a cleaner but in the new company, I was employed to work with the maintenance department of the company and was paid 50 times above what I previously received with lots of benefits.

Four months later, our company got a contract to Saudi Arabia and we were to travel by road because from Ashad to Abusama, Saudi Arabia is a four hours journey. We were 32 people that were meant to embark on that journey.

On that fateful day, the 32 of us entered two big buses and a small bus. Among us were Europeans, Cameroonians, British, Chinese, Ghanaians, Philippines, and Nigerians. As we were moving, we got to a point where our driver, a Pakistan alerted us that there was danger because there were jeeps parked in the desert. The driver told us that they could not turn because they were already too close to them. The only thing the driver could do was to press the police button inside the car but we were in the middle of the journey and before we could be located, they would have carried out their evil acts.

Our car eventually continued to move till we got to a point where one of the terrorists jumped out of their jeep with a gun, he wore a mask and ordered all of us to come down from the car and remove our clothes except our boxers. That was when one of the Pakistani guys identified the man as a member of the ISIS terrorist group in Saudi Arabia. He told us that all of us were going to die. Some of us were confused by the recent developments. We heard that the terrorist group disturbs Middle Belt country but we have not experienced one till that fateful day.

A few minutes later, we were arranged in lines and matched to a forest in the desert. Inside the forest, we saw pieces of rocks, sand, and desert snakes which were very dangerous. We were in the forest when one of them came to us and told us to say our last prayer to Allah because we would soon be killed. As I heard that, I shivered all over, then it dawned on me that they were truly terrorists and they were heavily armed with different ammunition like cutlasses, axes, guns, and mobile bombs.

Within a short while, they started killing people. The first to be killed was a Ghanaian. Initially, he thought they were joking until they cut off his head and it rolled like a football, then fear gripped everyone afresh. They would make some incantations before they kill anyone. They kept killing us based on how we queued. I noticed that when they kill someone, they would cut off some parts of the person and keep it aside. There was something like carpet there, so after slaughtering someone, they would tidy the place a little before inviting the next person to come over to be slaughtered. We were so afraid and helpless.

The killing continued sequentially from number 1-17. Unfortunately, I was the 18th person in the queue, so it was my turn to be killed. Before they called me, my strength had failed me. They cleared the dead body of the 17th person and invited me over to come. When they called me, I became very weak, but I remembered that our General Overseer told us when he came to Qatar that anytime we face danger or experience problems, that we should declare that we are Chosen and we will see divine intervention in that situation. So, I quickly looked at the person who was taking me to the slaughter point, he was holding a gun in his right hand and using his left to hold me, I told him in the Arabic language that I’m a Chosen and I could not die.

I noticed that he didn’t hear what I said at first. I asked him if he didn’t hear what I said, and that was when he noticed I said something. He demanded that I repeat what I said and I did so in Arabic language. He told me to shut up and landed a slap on my face but I felt nothing. He ordered me to keep moving, I did and continued declaring that I’m a Chosen and could not die. Suddenly, he asked me to stop which I did, and that was when I discovered that the hand he used to slap me was shaking. Due to the continuous shaking of his hand, his gun fell off from his hand and water was coming out of his hand. That was when he started screaming and calling on his colleagues to come and help him. Their boss who was wearing a black band on his head, discovered that something was wrong and ordered one of them to come and check what was wrong.

When the person their boss sent came, he saw his colleague’s hand shaking and enquired what happened. I told him that he slapped me and his hands began to shake. He asked me in Arabic language what I did to him, I told him that I did nothing to him except that I told him that I was a Chosen and I could not die. He brought out something from his pocket that looked like a snail, it was red colour. He used it to hit the hand of his colleague in an attempt to restore his hand, but instead of restoring his shaking hand, it fell on the ground, and then his hands too started to shake and bring out water. At this point, the two unanimously began to shout for help. Their boss discovered that something went wrong again because he saw the hands of his men shaking. He decided to send another person to find out what was going on there.

When the third person came, he asked what the problem was and they explained to him, they also told him that I was saying something and it looked as if the fire was coming out of my mouth. They told him that I was not a human being and advised him not to bring me to the slaughtering point. He left his men that their hands were shaking, pointed a gun at me, and ordered me to keep moving. There I told him that I’m a Chosen and I would not die. He told me to keep moving but I kept repeating the declaration that I’m a Chosen and cannot die.

When I got to the slaughter point, their boss was there waiting for me to arrive. He asked me what happened, I explained to him, I told him that I didn’t do anything wrong, I only told them that I was a Chosen and I would not die. He asked me to repeat myself which I did in Arabic language. He asked me if I said I wouldn’t die, and I replied in affirmation, he inquired to know what Chosen was. I told him that Chosen is Christ and I am a son of Christ, therefore, I cannot die.

As he was interrogating me, the hands of the previous two men were still shaking seriously. Just then, he brought out a small sharp knife and told me that he would check if I had blood because they believed that anyone who had blood running in his veins could die. He gave me a mark on the back of my palms, then blood started coming out. He said that as blood is coming out from my body it means I’m human and can die. I replied that the blood flowed because of the wound but I would not die.

Within some minutes, he asked me to lie on the carpet at the spot where they were killing people. I laid down there and continued to declare that I am a Chosen I cannot die. Also, I reflected on eternity. Suddenly, all I heard was the sound of an old drum on my body. Unknown to me they were using an axe to cut my body but it was not penetrating. It was when they asked me to stand that I discovered it was an axe they used on me.

Their boss looked at me and asked me, “Who are you?” I told him that I am a Chosen. He removed his mask and asked me if I could see him thrice, I responded in affirmation that I could see him. He asked me again, who I was. I told him that I am a Chosen and I am of Christ. He asked me “who is Christ?”
I told him that Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God who came to die for the redemption of humanity including me and him. So he asked if it was the Chosen I mentioned that gave me such mysterious power of protection. I told him that I don’t have any charm with me, all I know is that I am a Chosen and I cannot die. He said okay but was not still convinced of what I was saying. He insisted on unraveling the mystery behind my safety.

Before you knew it, one of his men whispered to him that they must devise a means to kill me. Three of them agreed to his suggestion. They brought out their guns and began to shoot me for five minutes. As they were shooting me, I noticed that the gun was only bringing out a little smoke like a cigarette. Then, one of them told them to stop shooting since their gun was not responding. They asked me to know the kind of human being I was. They even asked if I was Mohammed and I told them no, that I was an ordinary man, the son of God Almighty, and also a Chosen. They marveled and yet refused to give up.

Since they had not exhausted their weapon, they decided to employ their spear. The spear had a red mouth and something like poisonous snake blood. They ordered me to lie down which I did. They used the spear to pierce my back but it didn’t work. My body was like an iron. They decided to try their last option which was a mobile bomb. One of them brought the bomb from the car, he asked everyone to move back. They ordered me to follow a particular direction into the desert and keep moving till I was told to stop. They timed two bombs and threw them at me, one at my front and the other at my back. The bomb was intended to blast me into pieces. Unfortunately, the time elapsed but the bombs refused to blow. They were shocked to their marrow.

Afterward, they told me to come back to them and bring the bombs alongside me. Meanwhile, the hands of the previous two were still shaking. As I was approaching with the bombs, some of them began to run away. They were arguing among themselves why the bombs refused to blow but there was no reason whatsoever why it should not blow.

Having tried all, their leader decided to call me aside for a private discussion. As I went to meet him, his men went to execute the 19th person. I quickly told him that they should stop the killing, he agreed and instructed his men to quit killing other people. He turned to me and said that they would not kill again, he insisted that I join Islam so that I could bring that power to them, I refused and began to preach to him to repent from the sin of killing and become a Christian that it is only Jesus Christ who has this kind of power that he saw in display. It was at that point I realized the dogma and mentality they were operating with. I was made to understand that when they kill someone, they have a share in their kingdom, so they saw killing as a necessity to be rewarded eternally.

Their boss became scared of me, he even told me that am more dangerous than all of them with guns. They started discussing how to leave us there and go while he asked me to get out of his car.

When I got out of the car, something strange happened. I saw a man in a suit coming in my direction. I looked at him but the face was not familiar. I remembered not no one among us wore a suit on that journey. The man came to me and instructed me to go to Nigeria and testify so that people of this world would know that the God Of the Chosen had come. After making that statement, he stood beside me like a security officer who had been asked to stand by me, I also noticed that nobody saw the man in suit except me. That was when it dawned on me that the man was an Angel. A few minutes later, I looked beside me and discovered he had left.

All of a sudden, we heard a sound from the highway. Behold, it was the military officers who were trying to trace and rescue us. When the terrorists noticed that they were coming, they shot three bullets which rented the air. The military had to arm themselves heavily because the terrorists had more weapons than them.

The two people whose hands were shaking took their guns and headed to where the rest were. They got there and started shooting themselves. Four out of eight people dropped dead. The rest tried to escape, and when they discovered that the military personnel were very close to them, they got into their jeep and started it in order to escape but the car refused to start. In that process, the policemen surrounded them, disarmed and arrested them. That was how everyone, including the remaining people on the line to be killed, myself, and the terrorists were taken to the police station where we were interrogated and everyone’s side of the incident was heard.

Afterward, their boss called a doctor to examine me, and after the checkup, the result showed that my system was normal.

When we returned to Qatar, my company heard what happened and they were amazed. They started paying me even when I was not going to work. Everyone around me became scared of me because of the incident, but I told them that the reason why it happened was because I am a Chosen and our General Overseer assigned angels to follow us wherever we go. The man in the suit I saw that day appeared to me again and told me to go and share the testimony so that God would take the glory but I was reluctant.
However, I have come today to return all the glory to God Almighty for making me a terror to terrorists and sparing my life even when I was not qualified.

Are you wondering about the source of this power, visit any of The Lord’s Chosen branches around you and you shall be a power carrier and make heaven at last in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Jesus is Lord!