How God Saved A Wretched Sinner And Gave Him A New Beginning

Titus 2:11-12 – ‘For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age.

What a world! Where people are celebrating immorality and all kinds of evil, the Lord singled out our brother and showed him mercy.

Read his testimony.

I am Brother Solomon Evans. I joined Chosen in 2007, but I wasn’t serious about the things of God, I backslid in 2016, I left the church and started committing all kinds of sin; from masturbation, taking alcohol, smoking, internet fraud (Yahoo), stealing, and patronizing prostitute at least twice a day.

On the 19th of May 2022, while smoking, I heard a still voice asking, ‘why are you living your life like this?’ I was lost in thought on how God has been keeping me despite my careless living. Immediately I began to recall the things I had done.

I recalled an incident that occurred in December 2020, on that fateful day, I was outside at 12:00 am when a cultist held my neck and asked if he could do this to his brother, Who am I? He dragged me to his gang and told them to initiate me. While they were beating me, one of them said they should leave me to decide by myself instead of forcing me. He insisted saying that if they released me, I might join another gang and become a threat to them. After many arguments, they released me.

In 2021, I traveled to Ibadan as a fraudster. I was attending a white garment church and I wasn’t getting the desired ‘wealth’ from what I was doing, I wanted something extra. One of the days, the pastor told me that whenever I finished washing his wears, I should drink the water and use the remaining to bathe claiming that was my solution. I did it for 7 months and no solution. I left the church and returned to Lagos still in my sinful acts, afterwards, I started selling hard drugs.

On the 19th of May 2022, while recalling all these sinful acts of mine, I was deeply sorry and immediately decided to return back to Jesus Christ. I gave my life to Christ and instantly, I got the gift of the Holy Ghost and started praying in tongues. That same day, I went out and preached the gospel. My friends thought I was insane but I was saved.

This was how God restored me back to this movement. Today, by God’s grace I am one of the branch coordinators in the Youth Department. I am also an evangelist.

Are you sinking in a hopeless ocean of sin, come and worship with us, as you do, that same power of transformation will come upon you and the yoke of sin will be permanently broken in your life, and then you shall be the next testifier in Jesus name, Amen.