How God Recovered My Missing Car After The Prayer Of Our General Overseer

Matthew 19:2 vs 6; But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

As in the days of old, the Almighty God stepped into the situation of our brother and made every impossibility to become possible.
Below is his testimony.

My name is Brother Iguo Tochukwu. I reside in Lagos State, Nigeria.
It happened that on 29th April 2023, I negotiated with someone to bring my car that was at Imo State to Lagos State.
I got to know him through a referral after which we met and negotiated on the above subject.

I sent him the money he would use for the movement but he ran away with my car and the money. Ever since then, I have been making efforts to recover the car but all was to no avail. I have been to the police station, reported to court, and followed all due processes to track him, I even tried using his bank details but didn’t get any positive results.
At one point, someone advised me to follow him to a native doctor’s shrine for a solution but I refused because I know who I am.

When all hope seems lost, I was almost confused but something happened. Two weeks ago, I heard a voice saying, “You have tried everything within your ability, why not try that Being(God) who can do that which no man can do?”
Within April 2023, I was opportune to meet our G.O. Reluctantly, I couldn’t explain to him the details of what happened.

Two weeks ago, when I heard that voice, I decided to meet our G.O. again for prayer, I was very passionate and intentional this time. Meeting with him, I quickly knelt and explained to him the challenges I was going through. Apart from the car, I had an ulcer for about four months.

Out of spiritual annoyance, our G.O. prayed for me passionately. He decreed that wherever the man was, he should be arrested immediately, I replied, amen, and keyed into the prayer.

Just yesterday, I received the news that the man has been caught and arrested at Mile 2 Lagos State here.

I marveled when I saw what the Lord did and say may the name of the Lord be exalted forever in Jesus’ name, Amen.