How God Miraculously Healed Me & My Husband Of An Incurable Disease (Hiv 1&2) And Promoted Us(Oyo 2022)

Now to Him who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us – Ephesians 3 vs 20.

The God of Chosen who performs unimaginable miracles has done a great thing in the life of our sister. Please read her encounter below:

My name is sister Banke Opadeji, I am from Oyo State. I thank God for making me and my family Chosen.

I became a Chosen in 2007. On a faithful Thursday service, our pastor was praying and he said “If you have HIV raise your hand” I was shy to raise my hands because people were looking around; he repeated it and I obeyed. He said “laugh 3 times” I did and he said “It is done, you are healed go back to the hospital where you were tested before”; I went back to the hospital and it was HIV-negative. I repeated the test at the Chosen hospital, it remained negative.

My second testimony goes like this:

My husband was due for promotion as a Warrant Master Officer and to be qualified you must pass the medical test. He went for a medical checkup The doctor told him he is not qualified because his test result was bad. The result showed that he has heart enlargement, HIV 1&2, and High blood pressure (that was up to 180/120). He gave me the result of the test but I was not worried because the God of Chosen has done it before and he will surely take control.

I reported the matter to our pastor at Oyo state, he told me not to worry he will
pray about it.

My husband was invited for another selection process and I gave him our anointed handkerchief to wipe his face once he gets there he should declare who he is. However, when he got there he hid the medical test result and was anxious to bring out the result. Unexpectedly, a Major General requested them to do another test.

After the test, 125 people were disqualified, and he was scared thinking he is among but surprisingly he passed the test and became a
Warrant Master Officer.

I want to give God all the glory, till date my husband is sound and healthy.

I pray for our general Daddy heaven, and at last, I pray for the whole Chosen worldwide Heaven in Jesus’ name Amen.