How God Delivered The King Of Kpassa In Ghana From The Spirit Of Death After Our General Overseer Prayed For Him

John 4:48 “Then Jesus said to him, Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe.”

The God of signs and wonders has done it again. While many were wondering how the situation could be handled, God stepped in and turned the tide.
Our Brother went to Ghana as a missionary, today God has given him a miracle.

Below is his testimony:

My name is Brother John Okoro from Ebonyi State. Presently, I am a resident pastor of The Lord’s Chosen Church in Ghana.

My first testimony is about the King of Kpassa of the Oti Region in Ghana. The king is a regular visitor of our church, then I decided to follow him up to see if he could become a full member of the church, all attempts to see him failed.

One day, I succeeded in meeting with him, and we prayed together. After a few days, he called me and told me that he has been poisoned and it is affecting him badly. He usually calls me but at one point, I stopped hearing from him and then I decided to go and see him. On getting there, I met several pastors from different ministries who had been praying and had even called their various leaders who prayed as well but nothing happened. At that point, the king was lying unconscious.

Immediately I stepped inside, I heard a voice that instructed me to put the apron I was wearing titled “And the Enemies Submitted” on the King of Kpassa and also call our General Overseer to pray for him. I did as the spirit of God instructed and called our G.O. and then he prayed “commanding the spirit of death to come out of him” Immediately after the prayer, The King of Kpassa stood up. That was how the spirit of death left his body and he became whole. After his healing, the news spread like harmattan fire all over the province, and the church waxed stronger and stronger within that territory.

My second testimony is about a woman who was a satanic evangelist within that territory. Her name is Nana Grada. She goes about deceiving people and telling them that there is no Christ, and persuading them to stop worshiping God.

However, I was provoked in my spirit, when I heard this, Then I bought a new Bible and went into a 7 days dry fasting, asking God to make her a gospel evangelist instead. On the 6th day, I had an encounter with the woman in the spirit where 4 dwarfs came out from her, After 4 days, the woman had a problem with the government of Ghana and that was how she left all the fetish things she was into and became a Christian.

My third testimony is about the faithfulness of God in my life since I became a Pastor in 2011. God has been providing and taking care of me, he has been providing all I need. I am grateful.

My last testimony for today is about Gbiliheri village where we attempted to take the gospel but the King and his people refused and even chased us with a machete, So after enquiring from the Lord, He said I should go into the village as a teacher who wants to teach the children how to read and speak. I did so, this time the King was happy to welcome us and then we continued until we opened a branch of The Lord’s Chosen – the first church the village has ever had. We were also given 16 acres of land in that village for missionary work.

I want to thank God for His mercy and faithfulness upon my life and all He has done for us in Ghana, May his name be praised in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Chosen praise the Lord!