How God Delivered Me From Demonic Shackle Of Untimely Death

Isaiah 28:18b – “Your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand.”

When God steps into the life of a man, everything turns around. God stepped into the case of our sister and the above scripture became a reality in her life.

Read her testimony below.

My name is Sister Ginika Nwachukwu. I came from Agege, Lagos State. I seize this opportunity to thank God for granting me genuine salvation.

I want to specially testify of how God of Chosen broke the generational yoke of untimely death in my family. I was born in a family where we lose at least one member every year from my maternal family.

In 2014 my mummy’s elder sister died, in 2015 my mummy died, in 2016 my father died, in 2018, I started having difficulty in breathing and it disturbs me, especially at night. I couldn’t tell my husband because he knew that it was exactly what killed my mother and my grandmother.

In 2020, I became pregnant, then it appeared as if the sickness came in another measure.
I had pneumonia, ulcer, high BP, typhoid, malaria, and asthma. Thanks to God for the brethren that stood on the gap praying and encouraging me.

It came to a point, I had to enter a covenant with God that if he helps me to deliver safely, I would carry my megaphone and Bible to go out and preach the word of God. Little did I know that God took it seriously.

In March 2021, I delivered a baby girl safely without labour, and complications, but because of that year’s pandemic, I couldn’t redeem my vow. In 2021, all these ailments were reinforced with a greater force.

I was returning home one morning after dropping my children at their school, I saw a well-dressed dark huge man on the floor using sign language to beg passers-by to help him bring his inhaler which was distant from him. I pitied him.

As I reached my house, I heard the voice of God, God told me that He was the one that played the movie for me to watch, since I have refused to fulfill my covenant of going for evangelism even after granting me safe delivery. He said further, that if I want my case not to get to the man’s own, (knowing that this is what killed my mother, and grandmother) I should redeem my side of the vow and go for evangelism. He assured me that if I do so, He will not only heal me, he would uproot that sickness from my generation.

After that encounter, I decided to fulfill my Vow. The next day, I went for a morning cry even without a megaphone and since then till now, God has helped me to preach in buses, streets, and markets.
As I continued preaching, all the ailments vanished. Today, I am enjoying my health.

On one occasion, I was preparing to go for evangelism, and suddenly, I was led to preach to my husband about tithe paying because he was not faithful in tithe payment. After the ministration, God helped him, today he is paying his tithe as supposed and ever since then, God’s blessings have abounded in our lives and family.

I want to return all the glory to God Almighty that has done this for us.

Chosen praise the Lord!