How God Delivered Me From A Wrong Marriage And Blessed Me With The Husband Of My Choice

We serve a Merciful and a Mighty God. He is a Good God and has displayed His goodness to our sister, her testimony goes thus:

My name is Evangelist Favour Udodi. I Joined The Lord’s Chosen church during the crusade ‘And The Enemies Submitted‘ 2010.

I have come to thank God for breaking the yoke of being a second wife and giving me the husband of my choice.

The first day I came to this church, I heard the preaching of our General Pastor which states: if you are in a wrong marriage, pack your load and go, but I didn’t know that I was in a wrong marriage.

On getting home, I had a dream where a woman told me that I’m in the wrong marriage, I should quit it. In that knowledge, I confronted my former husband but he denied the fact that he has married a woman before me.

Few days later, we had a visitor and when I inquired from the 15yrs girl who came to visit us, she disclosed herself as my husband’s first daughter, that way I took the matter to my pastor.

I made my pastor know that I want to quit the marriage, and the next day I went back to my parent’s house. My father complained stating that they had made use of the bride price, but I replied to him thus: when my real husband comes I will refund the money. I can’t go back to the wrong marriage because I want to make heaven.

That was how I left the wrong marriage. Afterward, through the word of knowledge in a particular service that I attended, our General Pastor stated, ‘because you separated yourself from that wrong marriage you will select your own husband’.

Today, I am rightfully married with a child. On the other hand, the man who took me as his second wife now attends The Lord’s Chosen church with his wife. They have given their lives to Christ and are now Chosen, people. All these came to be as a result of me going to apologize to the woman after I left that marriage.

To my pastor who God has used to deliver me from a wrong marriage, I pray that he shall make heaven at last in Jesus’ name. Amen.