How God Deleted An Evil Mark On Me, Healed Me Of Diverse Afflictions And Embarrassed Me Financially

The Riches and Wealth Giver( God) has done it again. His marvelous works are not quantifiable. Below is the story of a man who has tested, trusted, and is attesting to God’s faithfulness.
My name is Brother Chuks, I joined the Lord’s Chosen Movement in 2014 and I live in the Netherland. I thank God for making me and my family Chosen members.
I am here to glorify God for what He did for me in the year 2015, how He took away an evil mark on my forehead for so many years.
It happened that as I grew up, 5 years back, when I gained consciousness of my existence, I noticed that nothing works for me, everybody hated me, whenever I delve into something to do I don’t prosper while walking on the road with my friends I always feel cobwebs covering my face, I do ask my friends if they feel the same thing way, but they’ll say: No.
After I graduated from the university, I never got a job offer, so I started looking for solutions: going from one prayer house to another, visiting one native doctor and the other. As at that time, the last one I met who was referred to as “very powerful” told me that there is a mark on my forehead which no native doctor can remove. Secondly, an occultic kingdom uses the mark to monitor me: whenever something good comes my way they will destroy it. Thirdly, he made to know that even if he gives me a good luck charm they will destroy it. Furthermore, he advised me to look for a very strong man of God that will take away the mark.
At first, I was discouraged, seeing I have visited so many big churches in Nigeria, this made me decide to stop going to church.
One day, I heard about the Lord’s Chosen Church and made up my mind to visit the branch close to me. During that period, they were preparing for Mgbidi 2015 program and I decided to follow them.
Then, I was experiencing constant urinating, nightmares, moving objects. At night, on my roof, an alligator and evil birds disturb me a lot. As we got to the Mgbidi, I anticipated seeing a man of God who will gallivant and furiously pray, owing to lots of stories that I’ve heard about the church, but his appearance and his praying method gentle, this got me restless and upset.
When I got home that day, I purchased snacks and food, ate, and dozed off. As I slept and woke up, it dawned on me that it’s not by human energy(power), but by the spirit of the Living God: I didn’t wake up to ease myself that night until around 6 am unlike other times that I would urinate in-between sleeping hours, the nightmares ceased, then I decided to take a walk down the street to be sure if the cobwebs have been taken away. Lo and behold! It wasn’t there.
That same year in April 2015, a woman unknown to me, offered me a job in Lagos. I worked for about 1 year and six months and decided to study Masters’s degree abroad, but I was incapacitated as a result of financial constraints. Meanwhile, I came to the church and the servant of God mentioned my case and I quote “that young man, you’re preparing to travel but you’re afraid, I command you to move forward because there’s a helper that is coming your way the other side”. After the service that day, I gathered momentum and decided to proceed with my plan, today I have rounded up my Master’s program and gained my certificate.
My second testimony: sometime in 2019, our G.O emphasized on the partnership, and I normally pay 50 Euro, there and then, I promised God that as he increases me, I will increase my money to 100 Euro, but the Lord laid it in my heart that I should sow seed annually to His servant. That year, when I returned and came to the Headquarters, I sowed 2000 Euro, met with the man of God who prayed for me, assuring me that God will give me more than what I’ve given to the church. On traveling back, to my place of work, I was given a bonus that was more than my usual salary. Discovering that this is a fertile ground, I continued sowing.
During the Mgbidi pledge, I vowed 1 Million Naira and redeemed it. On the verge of redemption, I was embarrassed with lots of job opportunities left right front and back but was reluctant to make my choice, seeing that I was comfortable where I worked. At that stance, one of the employers followed me up till I decided to know what he is up to, I consented to his job opportunity, it was an Oil and gas company offer on Holland, the salary was double of what I have been receiving, and the bonus more than the salary, I’m most grateful to God. As the Lord laid it on my heart, I’m here again to bring my seed in foreign currency to the glory of God.
My prayer for my G.O is this: the whole Chosen members and I will hear his testimony even as he delights to hear ours.
which left me with no option but to make my choice. “the Lord will give you more than what you have given to the church” and I said amen, and I travelled back, on getting back in my place of work I was given a bonus and the bonus was more than my usual salary, since I know that sowing here will heed fruit I continued, during the Mgbidi pledge, I pledged 1million naira, and jobs begins to come from left and right and I was ignoring them because I was comfortable where I was, but there is this one person that is consistently disturbing me I said let me listen to the person, when I gave him consent he was from oil and gas company in holland, and the salary was times 2 of what I was receiving before and the bonus was more than the salary and I am grateful to God, I am grateful to God because when people where losing their jobs in 2020 I was having job opportunities, I am here again as the Lord laid it in my heart to bring that seed in foreign currency to come and put it in the hand of His messengers that is why I came to appreciate God and to fulfil the obligation.
My prayer for my G.O is that the chosen ones and I will hear his testimony even as he is delighted to hear our testimonies.

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