How God Cancelled Death Sentence For My Son After Three Surgical Operations

John 8:32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

This Bible Reference portrays the firmness of the faith of our beloved sister, which birthed possibilities beyond human reasoning.

Read her testimony below:

Our names are Sister Precious Atolanu and little Brother Daniel Atonalu. He’s my first son and is nine years old.

On the 25th of February, 2023 which was a public holiday, the day the presidential election was conducted nationwide, we were all indoors and Daniel could not stand throughout the whole day.

The next day, we took him to a nearby private hospital where he was diagnosed with Appendicitis and was booked for an operation the next day. According to them, he was running short of blood so they started by giving him blood.

On the day of the operation, they opened his system and gave a report that his appendix has been ruptured three days back. The doctor asked why I didn’t bring him earlier. On the other hand, I was very surprised because Daniel has not complained anything as such to me and besides he seldomly falls sick. To the best of my ability, I’m not so careless when it comes to taking care of children.

Just then, the doctor said he’ll undergo surgery but it would be a 50-50 chance because no one survives a ruptured appendix owing to the fact that it has burst, but I told him that I am a Chosen and I cannot lose my son.

The medical officer said he would have to wash his intestinal system before any other thing, and in the process of washing it, the other intestine which is used to pass out faeces was mistakenly cut.

Four days later, I saw a yellowish discharge coming out from that part of his lower abdomen, I told the doctor about it and he said that it was normal. I wasn’t comfortable with his reply because some time ago when I did an appendix operation, I understood that when the wire is loose, little purses come out not this kind of discharge.

A few days later, faeces started coming out from that same part of the body instead of his anus. The place which was meant to heal started opening up more. These happened within the last week of February 2023.

In early March, two doctors were called to correct the operation but it grew worse as days go by. I had to take him to a specialist hospital. There, we met two other children with similar cases as his. The doctor there said they would conduct a major operation on him.
Immediately, I prayed and told God to prove Himself.

The other children who had the same complication as he walked into the hospital by themselves, unlike my son who was on mobile oxygen. They went into ICU(Intensive Care Unit) which is known to be a den for completely hopeless health situations for their operation. According to what I heard about the ICU: no one comes out alive except for God’s intervention. Those two children later died.

When it was my son’s turn, he went in and after the major operation, he didn’t sleep, against everyone’s expectation. Meanwhile, I was already praying and telling God that I don’t want him to proceed to ICU.
As they rounded up the operation, they brought him to the consultation room and I was called upon to see my son. He asked me to lift him up which I did. Thereafter he said, ‘Mummy, I saw G.O., he tapped me and carried me with the help of the moderator out of the theatre to this consultation room’. The doctor marvelled saying despite the gravity of his condition, he didn’t end in ICU.

Medically, after this major operation, in the duration of one month two weeks, it’s expected that the patient passes out faeces from the anus but it was already one month and 3 weeks and my son still excrete through his stomach. I consulted the doctors who said the opening would close by itself. Also, I met a consultant there who identified himself as a partner with this ministry, he encouraged me and said I shouldn’t be afraid.

Days later, they came to the ward where my son was and noticed his fast recovery, the story of death gradually phased off their memory. I told them Chosen people’s cases are always different. He was still booked for a minor operation to check if any mistake was made during the major one. On hearing this, the consultant called our G.O., and narrated Daniel’s case to him and Daddy decreed that his system should become soft.

The next day, Daniel was defeated through his anus thrice, and instead of him becoming swollen like the other two children after his major operation, he was reduced to normal size on a daily basis.

Since then, I began to dress the wound thrice a day because I refused him to undergo the 4th operation as instructed by my branch pastor who said I should bring him to the program “God That Does What No Man Can Do”, in 2023 instead for final healing.

We left Edo State for Lagos State and despite all the gallops on the way, nothing came out from that stomach.

Furthermore, I told him that this program is meant for him and that he should keep praying so that God would put his case in our G.O.’s mouth when he mounts the podium. As stated began praying moments ago, Daniel tapped me that Daddy has not mentioned his case. I told him to be attentive. A

As our Daddy in the Lord mounted the pulpit, he mentioned his case, and my son told me he heard a sound(‘kam’) from the side of his intestine, and the pains he felt there has ceased. That automatically means the operation is canceled and my son is healed.