How God Brought My Son Back To Life And Took Away Poverty From My Family

Hebrew 11:35b – “Women received their dead raised to life again.”

Just as it happened in the days of old, it has happened again in the family of our sister.

Read their testimony.

My name is sister Daniel Uchennanya and my son’s name is brother Victor Uchennanya. We reside in Lagos State.

On a fateful day in 2013, as I also got back from the shop, my son did not welcome me as usual. When I asked about him, I was informed he was sick. I bought and gave him drugs and the next day I brought him to the Thursday counseling and Deliverance service. I believed that if we can step in here, the matter would be settled.

On that fateful Thursday, I wore an apron on him and laid him on the chair. Unknown to me that at some point during the service my son died. I was shocked when I realized it and some of the brethren encouraged me.

Suddenly our General Overseer started singing in the midst of his preaching “Where is the God of my Pastor, Power 3x, Deliver me today”

At the very end of the ministration, our Pastor said that “Let life come on any person who is dead, in Jesus name”

Immediately after this prayer, my son started breathing and foams came rushing out from his mouth. It was like a dream to me. That was how God raised my son from the dead and I am here to appreciate this great doing of the Lord. To God be all glory in Jesus name.

My second testimony is about how God elevated our financial status from nobody to wealth. We were so impoverished that our family rejected us and we came to this ministry because of the situation. Today, God has changed the story such that nothing can happen in my family without our consent.

God has also blessed us with houses and properties in Lagos and the East. I appreciate God for taking away reproach and shame from me and my family.

Do you have a child that is sick or is at the point of death? We invite you to worship with us and the Almighty God that changes bad situations will change yours and you will be the next to testify in Jesus name, Amen.

Praise the Lord!