Highlights Of “God That Does What No Man Can Do” June 2023

God, who throughout history has utilized prophets to showcase His power in each generation, has ordained His servant, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, for this specific era. Through this program, God has manifested His power to handle menacing situations faced by people.

This unique international crusade provided an opportunity for individuals and viewers who participated and followed our numerous media platforms and official website to witness the transformative power of God in their lives, reaffirming that God reigns supreme above all. The program’s highlights are as follows:

Dignitaries: Special guests from the office of His Excellency General Yakubu Gowon, former Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, were in attendance. This included Oyinloye K. Raphael, Head of Finance at the Nigeria Pilgrimage Commission, and Pastor Samuel Sanusi, Representative of His Excellency General Yakubu Gowon and General Secretary of the Bible Society of Nigeria. Pastor Sanusi read a goodwill message sent by the former Head of State, in which he applauded the church for creating such a momentous occasion. His Excellency shared his thoughts, experiences, and vision for a future that upholds the values of love, compassion, and spiritual growth. He prayed that the program would be a catalyst for positive change, renewed faith, and a deeper connection to God. He also expressed heartfelt appreciation to Pastor Lazarus Muoka, his wife, and the devoted congregation for their unwavering commitment to spreading God’s word and fostering an environment of spiritual growth. The moderator conveyed warm appreciation from the General Overseer (TLCCRM) and all members of the church in response.

Testimonies of the Lord’s Doings and Instant Miracles: The worshippers shared numerous accounts of the great, mighty, and resounding deeds of the Lord. These included testimonies of individuals who were transformed through encounters with the church, such as a chain smoker who received genuine salvation. Many maimed individuals experienced immediate healing and freedom when General Overseer declared healing and liberation for all who were oppressed by the devil. Two deaf and dumb children, aged 16 and 12 were healed, a person with 35 years of leg poison, another with 5 years of glaucoma, and someone with 10 years of swollen legs were all healed.

In an interview with a media house, General Overseer expressed that the Lord is eager to unleash His power upon any willing heart, enabling the widespread of the gospel and the swift recovery of lost souls to bring glory to His name. He encouraged believers by emphasizing that persecution and trials are a necessary part of spiritual growth.

Addressing the dilapidated bridge that has posed a challenge to smooth access to the church, he expressed that the Federal Government should fulfill its duty and take responsibility. Furthermore, he suggested that the release of Nnamdi Kanu should serve as a measure to promote harmony and improve peaceful coexistence among the people of Nigeria.


Additionally, he urged everyone to fear God and draw closer to Him, emphasizing that He alone can bring peace and progress to our nation.

During his ministration, he drew inspiration from the theme, “The God That Does What No Man Can Do (parts 1&2)” and referenced Bible verses Matthew 12:15, Matthew 11:14, and John 8:36. He shared insightful teachings, explaining that the Almighty God has provided solutions to countless seemingly impossible situations, and is present to wipe away all tears. He encouraged the congregation to turn to Him, as He is the only one who can perform unimaginable miracles in their lives, stepping in where humans have given up. Lastly, he advised sinners and backsliders to repent and embrace Christ the Savior to escape God’s impending judgment.

During the prayer and declaration, the worshippers were entrusted to God’s care for protection, connection, remarkable deliverance, and victory. With conviction, the servant of God declared, “Even if you’re running away, the blessings of God will pursue you. Solutions will follow you, and you will regain all that belongs to you. Through His sacrifice, not your struggles, you shall be healed”.

Hallelujah! The God that does what no man can do has brought significant transformation to our lives, families, our great nation, and the world.