God’s Great Deliverance From Electrocution

The enemy’s plans to end our sister’s life were thwarted as victory was given to her all the way. Read her testimony below.

My name is Sister Ifeanyichukwu Kamsi, I thank God for making me and my family Chosen members. I have come to appreciate the Almighty for delivering me from the electrocution that happened last Tuesday 11th July 2023.

My neighbor fixed their pre-paid meter and the electrician who fixed it left some wires naked, they were touching the balcony rails and this affected the entire compound. When I returned from school that Tuesday, I washed my uniform, after which I went to relax on the balcony rails meanwhile, my hands were wet.

I kept my hand on the rails, it became glued to it and electricity flowed through my body. I had a sensation on my legs and I decided to scratch it but I noticed that my hand could no longer be removed from the rails. There and then, I felt myself dying, I don’t know the force that pushed me back and I shouted, Jesus! That was how my hands pulled off from the rails.

After that deliverance, I screamed, others who touched it felt the shock and quickly removed their hands but mine was severe because my hand was glued to it, parts of my body became stiff and only my head could move, the skin around my hand peeled and I was crying, but as I declared, “I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen, I am a Chosen, the God Of Chosen deliver me”. My body began to return to normalcy. Hallelujah!

As a Chosen, I’m the happiest in this world! At this point, I pray for our Daddy G.O., his children, and his wife that this God who has called him shall never depart from him in Jesus’ name, this awesome God who has called him to deliver us and to preach to the sinners will never leave him in Jesus’ name. He will give him an angelic body and supply him all his needs. To the Chosen members worldwide, my G.O., me, and my family, I pray for heaven at last in the name of Jesus. I cover everyone with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name.