God Restored My Menstrual Flow After 2 Years And Six Months

Jeremiah 30:17a – “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord.”

It is obvious that when God steps into someone’s ugly situation, it turns around for good. The same has happened in the life of our sister.

Read her testimony.

My name is Sister Courage Jeremiah. I want to appreciate God for making me chosen. My menstruation ceased in March 2021, which lasted for two years and 6 months.

During one of the projector regional outreachs, as our General Overseer was praying, he said “That sister, your menstruation ceased for years, I am giving you from now to three days, your menstruation shall be restored.” I confidently claimed it by shouting Amen.

In the night, God started his work. As I woke up, I discovered that God Almighty who is a specialist in impossibilities had done that which no man could do in my life. God honoured the words of His servant in my life by restoring my menstrual flow just few hours after the prayer of our General Overseer.

I was also the sister that testified after the program titled ‘From Sorrow to Joy 2023, of how a doctor gave me 30 days to live due to my health condition.

During the period of that ailment, my condition was terrible to the extent that my family wanted to take me to a native doctor for treatment but I vehemently refused, since I knew that they have nothing good to offer and I cannot bow down to other gods or demons in the quest for healing. Even my sister lost hope in my survival because I was very skinny and drastically dying.

My confidence was that the Almighty God would heal me. Today, God Almighty has proved His supremacy in my life; He made me whole and kept me alive in the land of the living. If you had seen me within that period, you will understand the gravity of the illness and the wonders God performed in my life.

I thank God for all He has done for me; I give him all the Glory, Honour and praise.

Chosen praise the Lord!