God Blessed Me With Twins After 14 Years Of Barrenness

Psalms 113:9- “He grants the barren woman a home, Like a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord!”

Our God is indeed great. He knows when to step into cases because He never comes late. He knows how to crush barrenness, compensate the barren and turn tears into laughter.
He has done it again in the life of our sister and her family.
Below is their testimony:

My name is Sister Amarachi Nwajaku, my husband’s is Brother Godspower Nwajaku, and our miracle babies’ are sister Chizitaram God’s awesomeness Adannaya Nwajaku and Chizaramekpere God’s light Adannaya Nwajaku.

We have come to thank this merciful God, he remembered my family and crushed the yoke of 14 years of barrenness. I got married on 30th January 2009. After my wedding, each time I conceive, I will have a miscarriage, this continued until one day. I had a dream, where our General Overseer visited me. In that dream, people gathered for him to pray for them but he walked towards my direction and asked me if I was a twin, I replied in affirmation. Then, he asked again “What do I want God to do for me?” I told him that I wanted God to take away sickness, affliction, and diseases in my body and that he should also give me babies, he told me that my case was settled, but I would pay a price. Behold! I opened my eyes, and it was a dream.

After that dream, I told my husband that we will not be saying that we want a baby, rather we should be saying that we want two baby girls and two baby boys. Last year June 2022, After the program “And the Enemies Submitted.” I became pregnant and to the glory of God, there was no miscarriage. God preserved the pregnancy till February 2023 being the 9th month. Thereafter, I gave birth to this beautiful bouncing baby girls.

I return all the glory to God Almighty who proved His power by confirming the words of His servant (our General Overseer). Today, God has blessed me with twins, and am now a joyful mother of children after 14 years of barrenness and also this is the vow I made to God, I have also come to redeem it.

Chosen praised the Lord!

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