Generational Curse Of Breast Cancer Broken By God

For now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder.

Nahum 1:13

The Mighty In Battle swiftly stepped into the case of our beloved sister and her family and delivered them.

Below is the detail of her testimony.

My name is Sister Stella Chukwukelo. I have come to thank the God Of the Chosen, who has broken the yoke of generational cancer in my family. It happened that at the projector evangelism held at Itire, Lagos State, Nigeria, our Daddy G.O. mentioned the case thus, “that family that used to be sick of cancer and die, I cancel it in Jesus name.” immediately, I felt under the anointing.

Before then, in discussions between my sister and me, she stated that she wanted God to give us one testimony that would move people, I never knew I was the one who would have the testimony. So, as I came back from the projector evangelism, I called that sister of mine and told her to rejoice, that she will not die of cancer again because she also has the symptoms.

On the other hand, my symptoms persisted, it was severe to the extent that I don’t wear a bra because if I do, the pain I feel will multiply. My mom also died of cancer, one of her breasts was cut off, and she couldn’t make it. The same goes for one of my aunts, who was a reverend sister in the Catholic church, her breast was also cut off, and after a while, she gave up the ghost.

Now this cancer came for my sister and me the Chosen members.
When the symptoms were showcasing, I reminded God of His wonderful deeds in the Lord’s Chosen Church and asked Him not to allow us to be put to shame.

It also got to a time, when my sister( our last born) brought a concussion in a five-liter gallon from the ministry she attends in Onitsha, and sent it to me, asking me to take it, I carried the gallon, went to a nearby gutter and poured it away, strongly believing God that He’ll do it for me.

Finally, the Lord wiped our tears away on that fateful day at the projector evangelism where our General Overseer mentioned the case and canceled it. From that day henceforth, the symptoms began to reduce, the inches, the bites, the pains, everything subsided. My sister also got her healing, she has testified and has traveled to the United Kingdom.

I ascribe glory, praise, and adoration to this Awesome God Of Chosen who broke the yoke of cancer in the life of my family and set us free from that deadly sickness, let His name be highly exalted in Jesus’ name.

To my Daddy G.O., I pray that the Good God will grant him His precious request. For the Chosen members worldwide including my family and I, I pray heaven at last in Jesus’ name.

To revoke this miracle in your life and family, get in touch with any branch of The Lord’s Chosen church in your location, attend and continue in fellowships, for continuation brings freedom.