BIBLE TEXT: Esther 9:22, John 16:20, Acts 8:5-8.

So many people in the Bible and those in the present day have gone through many sorrows in one area of their lives, or another, as a result of what the enemies have done, some have sorrow to death because of not knowing the source of deliverance and freedom from sorrow, John 15:5, Jesus is the source.

When you don’t know Him, whatever you have achieved amounts to nothing: vanity. You cannot be free from sorrow without Him, Hosea 4:6.

If you don’t know Him, you are heading to destruction. If you lack knowledge of the Lord, the one that gives people freedom from sorrow, the one that gives joy, that person will remain in sorrow, John 8:32. For those in the Bible who knew the Lord and cry unto Him in their sorrows, receive deliverance, and their sorrows were turned into joy. God is the one who turns sorrow into joy, Psalm 50:15.


  1. Examples Of Those Whom The Lord Turned Their Sorrows Into Joy.
  2. The Fact That Our Sorrow Must Be Turned To Joy.


There are so many people in the Bible whom the Lord because of His mercies turned their sorrows into joy. Remember, it is not the will of God that any persons should perish, or remain in sorrow caused by the wicked ones. He loves you and created you in His image and likeness, for His pleasures, and He will not allow you to die in sorrow, Lamentations 3:22, 2nd Peter 3:9, Isaiah 61:1.
Psalm 34:6. The Lord did it for Jabez, he was born in sorrow, he grew up in sorrow, everything he put his hands ends in sorrows, and he cried to the Lord, the Lord made him an honourable man, and he became completely free from sorrow, 1st Chronicle 4:9-10, God delivered him from the life of sorrow. God has honored. Remember, the death sentence passed to Esther and her people by Haman and his conspirators was canceled by the king, and their sorrow was turned into joy, Esther 9:22. This God is a specialist in turning sorrows into joy. Psalm 30:11, He has done for the Psalmists. The Lord is still doing it today.

Remember the case of the Israelites in the land of Egypt, for 430 years, when the Lord remembered them, the Lord sent Moses, Exodus 3:7-8. God has done it for them in time past and when he did it for them they rejoiced, Psalm 137:1-4; 126:1-3; 40:1-3.
In the New Testament, the Lord delivered many people from their sorrows, and today is our turn, Mathew 9:1-2, 6-7, 20-30; 12:15; 14:14; 15:30.
Remember that Mary and Martha were crying because their brother was dead and buried for 4 days, but when Jesus came, he made Lazarus arise. The man that was born blind for 40 years, when Jesus met him, instantly, he was healed, John 9:1-7. The Lord is still turning sorrow to joy, as He did in the time of old, Hebrew 13:8, Malachi 3:6.



The Lord who did it for the people in the Bible, He is ever ready to do it again, because His compassion fails not, It is of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed. He loves us and still loves us till the end, John 11:1-4, John 13:1. It is not His will that we should remain in sorrow, Psalm 50:15. He has not changed; He is the same forever, Hebrew 13:8, Malachi 3:6. What He did before, He will do it again. He did it for them; he turned their sorrows into joy. Esther 9:22, the Lord canceled death sentence and turned their sorrow into joy; nothing can stop God from saving you today, because all power belongs to God, Psalm 62:11, Jeremiah 32:27, no matter the sorrows you are into as a result of sin, sickness or effects of sin, today is the end of that sorrow, Psalm 40:1-2.

You see you today, the assurance that I am giving to you is John 14:13,
That sorrow must be over, and today is the end of it, in Jesus’ name.