From Sambisa Forest To Canada – Easter Retreat

2 Chronicles 15:15 – And all Judah rejoiced at the oath, for they had sworn with all their heart and sought Him with all their soul; and He was found by them, and the LORD gave them rest all around.

God Almighty, the way maker, life-giver, and destiny promoter brought our brother out from the dungeon of death and set his feet on a higher good ground.

Read his testimony thus;

My name is Bro. Tegh-Tegh Moses. By the grace of God, my family and I are chosen, also I want to especially thank God for the genuine salvation of my soul, I am a military personnel and I work with the military department of the church.

In 2015, I was posted to Maiduguri as a military officer during the Boko Haram surge operations. When I heard of the posting, I was scared because that place is a dangerous military zone. Initially, I refused to go due to fear but during the program “From Sorrow to Joy” in 2015, I came and purchased an apron, after a while, our G.O. mounted the podium and started making a declaration. He said “You that is going somewhere and you are afraid, don’t be afraid rather go and come with your testimony in Jesus’ name, Amen. After that prophetic utterance, I was charged, I became courageous, and went back to Maiduguri.

One day, we went on a military convoy to get food, unknown to us that Boko Haram had laid an ambush for three days unknown to us and there was no intelligent report. At a point, they confronted us, and we started exchanging bullets. When this started, I quickly brought out my apron with the title “And the enemies submitted.” I gave one to a fellow officer with me but he refused to collect it, When the shooting persisted, I turned to tell him that in case I didn’t make it out alive, he should tell my wife what happened. I was marveled to discover that he was already shot, dead and they were butchering his body at the same time. I was afraid, I was crying and calling on the God of my pastor to save me. The firing persisted, so I quickly ran to the mountain for safety. was there with six other soldiers till evening but there was no rescue mission sent to help us. We were trapped there because they blocked the escape routes, suddenly, they turned to our side at the mountain and started firing at us. I quickly called one of our pastors and told him the situation, and he prayed for me, after the prayer, they changed the shooting direction, We stayed at the mountain for three days without food, it was indeed a horrible experience and a narrow escape for me.

After that incident, I called my wife because she was pregnant and told her what I was going through and asked her to keep praying, later that day, God sent a man that came to our camp and informed us of the next plan of the bandits, he told us to find a way of escape, then we eventually left the place for our safety, In the process, we lost one officer, then the leader called me and told me to lead the way because he was scared. I loosed my button to make the Apron more visible. I led the team and we escaped to Cameroon without hurt, At the end of the day, I came back alive and with testimony just as our G.O. prophecized.

One faithful day, I had the opportunity to meet our G.O, I told him that I want to leave the military, and he told me to go back to the military and that it was not yet time for me to leave, rather I should complete my mission there and God will continue to lead me in Jesus name, Amen. I looked at our G.O. eyeball to eyeball and all I could see were stars, The idea did not go down well with me when he stood up, I knelt and held him at his foot, I told him to pray for him. He prayed and told me that God would grant me my heart’s desires and I said Amen.

After that, I spent another six months before going back to my military zone. I obeyed the counsel of my G.O. I went with my apron as usual, and after a few months, I came for another program, and this time around, our G.O prayed for us, he said, you that honored God to be here, God will surprise you, I claimed it. I have been believing God for a Visa to travel out for my Masters’s after I resigned honorably from the military after 20 years of service as an officer and to the glory of God, Today, God has granted me a student Visa to Canada for my Masters’s degree, and I am grateful. thank God for this great miracle.

I wish my G.O., his family, and all the Chosen members heaven at last.

Chosen praise the Lord!