From Abject Poverty To Massive Wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18 – “And you shall remember the LorBnd your God, for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Despite the present economic situation in Nigeria, God Almighty demonstrated that He is the only one that gives the power to make wealth in the life of our brother.

Read his testimony: My name is Brother Favour Alamezie, I reside in Lagos State, Nigeria. I bless God for showing me great mercy because I joined this ministry as a pauper. My financial status was so low to the extent that I repeat the same cloth every day.

I wasn’t going to church due to my experience with one Bishop somewhere and pastors. Previously, I worshipped at the ministry where the bishop betrayed me and it made me see pastors as criminals. I concluded that I would not have anything to do with any pastor henceforth. I continued wallowing in poverty.

One faithful day, I remembered how I served God and I prayed to God to show me the church to be attending because I had already lost interest in going to churches. When I slept, I had a revelation when a dispatch rider stopped by the balcony of the house where I was and gave me two envelopes. The brown envelope has the name of a popular church in Benin and the founder’s name while the second and white envelope has The Lord’s Chosen name and our Pastor’s name written therein. I collected the white envelope and returned the brown one. I woke up from the dream as I was trying to open the envelope.

After this revelation a man who lived in the same house as neighbours (who is now my father-in-law), told me about a crusade in his church (The Lord’s Chosen Church) titled ‘And The Enemies Submitted’ I joined the two-day crusade. Immediately I heard the Pastor’s preaching, I knew that this was where I was supposed to be. However, the poverty continued, and then I decided to kill myself. I wrote a letter to whomsoever will see my corpse, telling them to console my parents and I took a knife to stab myself, then I heard a voice that said: “I will bless you”. I changed to praising and worshipping God.

I continued in the fellowship wearing a polo and trouser which I bought for N30, I will wash them at night and wear them in the morning. Sometimes I will cry and ask where is this God my Pastor is calling upon.

On a faithful day, I heard a voice propelling me to engage in evangelism. I ransacked the entire streets in my location with evangelism and things greatly improved for me.

I relocated from Ketu to the Irawo branch. I saw how swampy the location of the branch was and God placed a burden in my heart to rebuild the church. When I checked my savings, I realized I have saved up to two million naira, So, I called the church Head Usher and together we went to the market. I used the two million in my savings to buy iron rods and other building materials. I also called for fundraising and realized 700k and gave it to the chairman of the building committee.

After this, God began to show me mercy. A friend called from Warri about a business opportunity which is metal scrabs. He showed me the scrabs and told me that the white man is interested in selling them but he is not ready yet. I prayed over the goods and claimed them as mine.

Later on, I was told that the white man was ready to sell them. After this business, I made over 70 million. I continued the Lords Chosen branch church project and God also blessed me with a personal building worth over 100 million. It is one of the best in the area I live.

I had a property I bought in Abuja but I faced difficulty accessing it. I traveled often to Abuja but the problem remained the same. One day, while in transit to Abuja, I saw our G.O. at the airport and he prayed for me. After that prayer, the man who has been in charge of the property owned by the United Nations said people had been looking for me and he said we should go for a conference meeting everything was concluded in that meeting.

I want to thank God who has blessed me with cars and properties both in Lagos and in the village. At this point, I encourage all newcomers to remain here, no matter the condition because a day will come when you will testify like me.

My prayer and heart desire for our Pastor and all the Lord’s Chosen members is that at the end of this life, we would all make heaven at last in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Chosen praise the Lord!