From A Cleaner To An Administrator In The Same Company

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another

Psalm 75:6-7

Indeed true promotion comes from God and He’s still in the business of elevating His children in various spheres of their life. Below is the testimony of our sister whom God promoted from a cleaner to an administrator even when she wasn’t qualified.

My name is Mrs. Kelechi Idinberibe, I thank God for making me a Chosen.

On a fateful Sunday, when we were asked to sow to the work of God, I pledged 2,000 Naira but was reluctant to redeem it. However, our brother’s testimony on how God of Chosen doubled his salary after he redeemed his pledge to fix Lightning in the church, prompted me to redeem mine.

That week, I went to work where I was a cleaner and our CEO called all the members of the Cleaning Department because our colleague had made a mistake. During the meeting, he asked me if I knew about computers. I responded in the affirmative but wasn’t so perfect and that it has been long since I operated one.

After the meeting, someone told me that the CEO was calling me. When I got back to his office he asked if I could manage the role of an administrator and I said yes. He asked again and I responded yes by the grace of God. Then, he said he didn’t know what was pushing him, and asked me if I was praying before I came to the office. I didn’t say anything. He went further to say that from that day I am now the new Administrative personnel and that he has placed me over all the things in the administrative office.

I want to thank the God of the Chosen who affirmed the word of our G.O. that “Wherever Chosen people are not qualified, His God will qualify us” because only He could have done this for me. The office of the Administrator in my organization is not something an SSCE holder would occupy but the God of Chosen gave it to me. So, to this very God who has done it for me, may His name alone be glorified in Jesus’ name.

Praise the lord!

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