Day One Instant Wonders Of God In The Program, “God That Does What No Man Can Do”, Lagos State Crusade 2023

The Miracle Working God wroth resounding miracles by clearing different ailments and repairing physical disabilities and disorders among the maimed folks at the instant declaration of healing and power from the mouth of the man of God, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.
Here are the extraordinary deeds of God:

1. A man and woman 58 years born deaf and dumb instantly healed.
2. A man 46 years born deaf and dumb healed.
3. A man 2 weeks of inability to walk healed.
4. A man with 1 year and 7 months of dislocation healed.
5. A man with 1 year and a month broken bone joined together.
6. A woman with 10 years of partial stroke healed.
7. A woman with a 1-year stroke healed.
8. A woman with 5 years of broken bone joined together.
9. A boy of 12 years born deaf and dumb healed.
10. A man with 10 years of swollen legs instantly deflated.
11. A man 4 years pile rolled away
12. A man with 4 years of stroke instantly healed.
13. A woman with 7 months knee injury instantly healed.
14. A man 3 months of affliction and spirit of death rolled away.
15. A woman with 1 year of cancer rolled away.
16. A boy 11 years born deaf and dumb healed.
17. A girl with a 1-year broken bone joined together.
18. A man with 35 years of leg poison healed.
19. A man 3 years of leg poison instantly healed.
20. A woman with 1 year of paralysis healed.
21. A boy and girl 16 and 12 years born deaf and dumb healed.
22. A man with 9 months of waist dislocation healed.
23. A woman 5 years of glaucoma instantly healed.
24. A man with 3 years of paralysis healed.
25. A woman with 1 week of severe pain healed.