Day 3: Instant Touch Of God At What God Has Determined Shall Be Done Mgbidi Lagos Experience 2023


The supreme power of God sparked up happiness and joy among the maimed and disabled people as He came through for them at the instance of the declaration of healing and freedom from the mouth of the servant of God Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

Here are the marvelous deeds of God.

  1. A man 5 years of stroke healed
  2. A woman 3-year arthritis healed
  3. A woman 6-month paralysis healed
  4. A woman 47 years knew dislocation
  5. A woman 30 years moving object healed
  6. A man 4 years of paralysis healed
  7. A man 6 years sleepless night moving object general body pain healed
  8. A 1-day woman can’t walk healed
  9. A woman 5 years of insanity healed
  10. A woman 3 years of arthritis healed with high blood pressure
  11. A woman 3 years of waist and leg pain healed
  12. A woman 2 years stroke healed
  13. A man’s 1-month leg pain healed
  14. A man 1-month poison and complication healed
  15. A man born deaf and dumb (16 years) healed
  16. A man with arthritis healed
  17. A woman 4-month poison healed
  18. A woman 39 years poison healed
  19. A woman 2 years moving object healed
  20. A girl 16 years deaf and dumb healed