Glory! The Lord mysteriously touched the maimed, disabled, and those who have been clinically written off at the instant declaration of healing and freedom by His servant, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

Below are the gracious works of God.

  1. A man with 32 years deaf and dumb, healed.
  2. A boy with 2 years deaf and dumb, healed.
  3. A man with 8 days swollen stomach, healed
  4. A woman, 16 years born deaf and dumb, healed.
  5. A woman with one year of arthritis healed.
  6. A woman with a six months stroke healed.
  7. A man with 11 years of broken bones healed.
  8. A woman with 10 years of waist pain, healed.
  9. A male police officer with eight months of prostate inflation, deflated.
  10. A woman with 3 years of inability to walk due to building collapse, walks.
  11. A man with a leg poisoned for five years, walks.
  12. A woman with 10 years of inability to use her body, healed.
  13. A woman, seven months paralysis, healed.
  14. A woman with leg poison healed.
  15. A man, 3 years leg poison, healed.
  16. A woman, 3 years leg poison healed.
  17. A woman, seven years paralysis, healed.
  18. A woman with swollen legs, deflated.
  19. A woman, with three years of partial blindness, healed.
  20. A man with 5 months stroke healed.
  21. A man with 5 months stroke healed.
  22. A woman, 5 months of arthritis, healed.
  23. A man with four months of broken bone joined together.
  24. A man with four months of waist pain healed.
  25. A man with four years of waist pain healed.
  26. A woman with 5 months broken bone healed.
  27. A man, with 15 years of heart failure, healed.
  28. A woman with four four-year stroke healed.
  29. A woman with 10 years stroke healed.
  30. A man with 11 months broken bone joined together.
  31. A woman with one-year broken bone joined together.
  32. A woman, 21 years deaf and dumb, hears and speaks.

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