[RIVERS 2022]Couple Born With Affliction Instantaneously Delivered

The yoke breaker, the doer of all good things, our way maker has done it again, look and see what the Lord has done.

What the Lord has done for me, I cannot say it all, My name is Sis Sybil Benson, and I am a Chosen from Onuwa Rivers state and I am the one who brought the couple here, It all started that I know this couple by name Kingsley and sister Nneka Ordu, the husband is 32 years born deaf and dumb while the Wife is 30 years born deaf and dumb, and I preach to them using gesture whenever we see, then as this program was coming up, I had a burden in my heart to bring them to the program.

First off, I was skeptical but gathered courage with faith believing what God has done and can do then I went and told their people with confidence that they will be healed, when they came here, I was praying earnestly for God’s intervention in their case.

During the prayers and healing declaration from the man of God, I was praying and asking God to show his power, they were tested and the couple can speak clearly.

Now see what the Lord has done, I am so happy, and as you can see the couple is rejoicing, Indeed all power belongs to God.

Thank you, Lord!