Closing Report Of The Unique International Youth Program Titled: Except The Lord Build The House

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Psalm 127:1

This magnificent emergency program brought about the urgent attention of God to all emergencies of life. Multitudes of youths, adults, and children gathered from all works of life physically while others followed through our different social handles (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and the official website) to receive from God. The Lord gloriously manifested His power to touch, build, and perfect all imperfections; He called into present the lost glory, freedom, and deliverances of the maimed and disabled thereby causing 10 years of paralysis, eight months of inability to stand and move as a result of spinal cord injury, two years of leg poison and lot more to vanish away.

Incredible, unbelievable, and awe-striking wonders of God were recalled by many who were touched by God in the previous programs and fellowships: A man testified of how he graduated with a school certificate and had found it very difficult to care for his needs. According to him, the belt he wears on occasion is the one he picked from a deserted place where trash is kept. He couldn’t buy clothes to wear, put food on his table or even secure a place of shelter, but after he came in contact with The Lord’s Chosen church, he fully trusted in God that He could do the unimaginable in his life before he could know it, he began to receive contracts and connections. Now, he lives in a befitting 3-bedroom flat, he comfortably pays his house rent, dresses decently in the clothes of his choice, puts food on his table, and also gives to the less privileged. Recently, his company offered his children educational support of 100,000 naira and as it stands, his pension is over seven million naira.

A woman testified of how God healed her sister of two years of madness, reactivated her two-and-a-half-year pregnancy which was held down by the enemy, and caused her to be put to bed like a Hebrew woman, The Lord also healed her husband of lung, kidney, heart, and liver problems after the declaration of healing and deliverance from the mouth of the servant of God, Pastor Lazarus Muoka. The man of God admonished the worshippers on the topic, “Except The Lord Builds The House”, and expounded on the power of the Almighty to do and undo: God is the Sufficient, Omnipotent, Creator and builder, He alone is qualified to build and perfect us, He has no rivalry( psalm 62:11), He is the All-Wise God( Jude 1:25) and the Master Builder. As His creatures, we must solely depend and rely on Him to answer, provide, protect, and defend us. He enjoined the worshippers to put God first in all things by living a righteous life continuously which will attract God to meet their needs, and requested that all who have left the pathway of righteousness should retrace their footsteps to the cross of Calvary in genuine repentance and reconciliation to God. Many attendees reconciled with God in total submission to the will of God and surrendered to the Lordship of Christ.

Finally, the man of God prayed and called down the quickening power of the Holy Ghost to possess all willing hearts and demanded that the grace, presence, and power of God abide with all the participants to continuously surprise, and embrace them with the power to do exploits always. Glory!

Are you a student in a tertiary institution? Wherever you are, locate the Lord’s Chosen Fellowship nearest to you, so that the exceptional glory of God will come upon you, and you shall become an instrument of light and blessing to the world.

Cherished viewers, followers, and commentators, please drop a prayer for our General Overseer who God has used to make this great program a reality.