Closing Report Of The International Workers And Leaders Conference 2023

We glorify the Great God who saw us through the 4-day international worker’s conference and appreciate Him for the instrument of honour, our beloved Daddy G.O who He has tirelessly empowered to prepare His children for the coming of Jesus Christ, and our lovely Mummy G.O, the backbone, and support of our Daddy and the ministry, we pray that the Good Lord uphold them and their household immeasurably.

From all our churches worldwide multitudes of pastors, workers, and leaders stormed the Chosen Revival ground, Ijesha, Lagos State, Nigeria. They emerged and settled in their camps and lodges anticipating to hear from the Lord and receive from Him.

The conference comprised a mind-blowing seasoned session of praises, prayer, intense worship, and reverberating thanksgiving to God which in turn attracted the power and Holy Spirit amid the congregation to change and reform lives.

The General Overseer counseled the congregants on 18 expository messages which comprised of:

  • Reasons why we should do the work of God now
  • Righteousness
  • Go Forward
  • Evangelism
  • Follow up
  • Obedience

Doing The Will Of God and so on, they portrayed the reason why believers must work in the fear of God, live for Him, do His will, overcome persecution by being vigilant, and avoid encroaching into the snares of the devil to get the best from the Lord.

Check into any of The Lord’s Chosen bookshops around you to grab the CDs of these messages.

The worshippers prayed with the undiluted word of truth to obtain sanctification and sufficient grace, and they were filled with the power of the Holy Ghost for evangelism, boldness, and utterance while the servant of God declared thus, “there shall be light in your family and businesses, every power questioning your father’s house be destroyed, let every principalities and powers be under your feet, Oh Lord give them the grace to do your will,
touch them, fight all their battles, and let all their requests be granted”.

It is well known that the unique traits of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry are testimonies and Unadulterated salvation messages. Hence few worshippers were allowed to testify to the wonders of the Almighty God, thus, 27 years of asthma were healed, Kidney and heart disease which resulted in protruded stomach crushed and stomach deflated, God rolled away two years of cervical cancer, and lots more.

Hallelujah! The God who cannot make mistakes has made the meeting an indelible reality in our lives, let His name be highly exalted. Amen.