Closing Report Of The 20th Anniversary Celebration And December Retreat 2022

The worthwhile 20th-anniversary phenomenon and power-packed program have been concluded and they have begotten resounding testimonies all over the world; the commemoration ceremony as well as the crusade was a special thanksgiving of appreciation and great assurance for all that God has done for us and the world in these 20 years of existence, also the remarkable wonders He is set to do in this dispensation.


The program commenced with an exciting moment of gratitude in songs and worship to the Almighty God, and the participants solely lifted their voices, singing and swaying in acknowledgment of the goodness, mercies, and faithfulness of God in their lives and endeavors.


Miracles have been an anchor to draw people to Christ and wherever the train( TLCCRM) goes, the one who established the ministry(God) accompanies the movement with outstanding deeds, as well, people receive from God and also surrender to the Lordship of Christ.


Therefore, in appreciation, multitudes who have been delivered and blessed by God testified to the amazing works of God in their lives and families, here’s an account:
God proved himself to a none chosen member (brother) who was arrested and detained for two years. He was abandoned by his families, friends, and relations but a Chosen sister (evangelist) reached out to him as she went to preach in that prison and enjoined him to always call upon the God Of Chosen when praying.


To confirm the efficacy of the power of the God Of Chosen, the prisoner prayed and asked God for solid food (swallow) because he hasn’t eaten it for a long time, and in not less than 35 minutes, the relation of his co-prisoner brought food for their son which he rejected and it was passed to our brother who ate the meal of his choice. In amazement, he knew that this God is real. Just then, he began to shout, “God Of Chosen deliver me”, till his voice cracked. A few days later, a barrister called him forth to come and sign on a paper, that was how he became discharged and acquitted and was given some clothes and shoes to find his way home. Glory!


Right there in the program, the man of God called down the mighty power of God to cause healing, freedom, and deliverance, the presence of God was intensely felt which brought about countless records of miracles, some of which are: four years leg poison and three weeks hyena rolled away.

A woman who was blind, unable to talk, and dead as a result of the attack was brought back to life.

Seven years protruding stomach due to poison deflated. What a Mighty God we serve!


The servant of God went further to decree that the rest of the days, months, and years for the Chosen people shall be that of reverberating testimonies, immediate solutions to ugly situations, definite victory, deliverance, and freedom from the hands of enemies and conspirators, indescribable favors, successes, promotions, connections, and stunning blessings. Therefore, he pronounced the forthcoming year to be a year of dominion, restoration, and explosion by grace and miracle.


In his words of exhortation themed “Only God Can Do This” (Parts1 & 2), He highlighted the point that it is only God who can attend to and give a permanent solution to the limitations of man, and reminded everyone that God is the pioneer of what has been happening in The Lord’s Chosen Church ministry within these 20 years of operation. Speaking on the ministry’s uniqueness and Calling, he said, “every member of this church performs miracles, signs, and wonders, confirming the word of God in Isaiah 8:18”.
“The church has recorded the fastest growth all over the world in recent times( Mathew 16:18)”.

“God has made Himself so real in our midst(Isaiah 43:13b)”.

“Heaven recognizes the name of the church(Chosen) and the voice of His servant(Pastor Lazarus Muoka) when it is mentioned and gives immediate heed”.

“It is a unique ministry with unusual grace”, and so on.


The faithfulness of God has been so immeasurable and we give all glory to His holy name.


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