A Delayed Residence Permit Of 6 Years Was Granted After The G.O Prayed – Easter Retreat 2023

I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is; and I will give it to him – Ezekiel 21 vs 27.

When the Lord says a thing, he perfects it, the Lord who is able to do this or that came through for our Pastor at a time when all hope was lost.
Read his testimony below;

Praise the Lord!
My name is Bro Charles Ibeh, I am here to thank God specially for his mercy and faithfulness in my life. I was privileged to become a chosen in 2011 after I came here during a program in June titled “God of Miracles”, During the prayer time, the pastor said and I quote “Those of you looking for a Visa, permanent residents” citizenship, etc., I decree receive it within 3 days in Jesus’ name” I shouted “Amen”.

However, at that time, (more than 6 years before then), I had applied for permanent residence in Canada, then After that prayer, on the 5th of June, I went to check my email and I saw an invitation for me to come and pay for my Visa, I remembered that pastor said “receive it within 3 days”, so, I looked at the date that email was sent and it was on the 8th of June which was 3 days after the prayer and the email goes thus;
“This is in respect of your application written, which was received in September 2004” I sent this application in September 2004 and I got this email in June 2011 after 6 years, because our G.O. prayed.

In March 2012, I finally relocated to Canada, and by the grace of God, I was called to the bar as a lawyer sometime in 2016 in Canada and then I began to practice as a lawyer and there are many rules governing law practices and every lawyer makes an effort not to breach any of these rules.

However, In January this year (2023), at the office where I work, something went wrong and we got a letter that our office is to be investigated at that time, many of us were suspected and it was clear to us that after the investigation, something very terrible will happen, many of us will not be able to practice law again and we may also be handed over to the police. Because of this, I began to pray and everybody in the office was worried, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was praying and still worried.

So, one day (about 2 to 3 weeks ago), I tuned into the chosen program and as I was following the program, a sister gave a testimony on how she had problems in Germany she called the pastor and the pastor prayed and the problem was removed. So, I was eager to know how I can call the Pastor, So, I called a brother in the church and he sent it to me and immediately I called the number, he picked up the call and said “Hello”, I didn’t know if it was the pastor and I didn’t want to ask him. So, I just started explaining everything to him and as I was still speaking, he didn’t let me finish, he said “That case, I cancel it in Jesus’ name, “Nothing will happen to you in Jesus’ name” I said “Amen”. So, I was very happy and hopeful.

However, this past Sunday, I was watching the church service online, and towards the end, the pastor was talking about this Easter Retreat that is happening now. And I said, “If I knew about this program, I would have come to Nigeria to attend”. In the end, the pastor prayed and said “You having a problem in your workplace, I cancel that problem in Jesus’ name”. So I raised my 2 hands and said “Amen”. I was happy that the pastor mentioned “the workplace” just where I was having the problem and even though I was skeptical, I made a vow and said “GOD’ if you answer the pastor’s prayers I will come here during this programme to testify about it.

Then on Tuesday, another lawyer in the office brought a letter to me, Lo and behold ‘GOD had answered the prayer, the letter was very comforting, and all the investigations, threats, etc. we were having, were removed and the only thing is that they said our office will pay some amount of money to the government and that was all, So, I told the lady that brought the letter that this was the prayer I prayed 2 days ago and I promised that I will go to Nigeria and give testimony if God answers the prayer and she said “go and book your ticket now and move to Nigeria” and I told her I won’t leave the office that day until I have booked my ticketing which I did, by God’s grace, I got a flight for Thursday and I arrived here Friday night.

I pray that God will multiply the anointing in his life, I pray for him, his family, and all chosen people Heaven at last in Jesus’ name. AMEN!!!

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