24 Years Of Childlessness Crushed And Hernia Healed

The God who has done it before did it again in the family of our beloved brother. Read his testimony below.

Our names are Brother Alozie Onyebuchi Ibeya Innocent, beside me is little Sister Rejoice Chinazaramoku Adimchilobi Innocent, young Brother Isaac Chiemela Innocent, and my beloved wife, Sister Peace Innocent.

The journey of this deliverance started in 2020 after the program titled, “From Sorrow To Joy”. Within that time, I prayed and reminded God that it was over 24 solid years of childlessness, I told Him that if He remembered me and my wife and gave us a baby boy we would appreciate Him with a sum of 100 thousand naira. To the glory of God, as He wishes, He blessed us with this beautiful daughter, and we went on to fulfill that vow.

During her dedication ceremony, we were the last in the queue while dancing out from the front of the altar. Just then, our Daddy in the Lord said, “25 years is not 25 days, don’t worry our brothers are coming”.
Today, as you can see, one of the brothers has arrived.

Before that miracle took place, Six months came and went, and I reminded God of the words of His servant, I said, “Lord, your word never fails, this time, if you do it we are coming to stand to appreciate you with something above what we gave before”.

Lo and behold, our son is here with us, that Great God who honors the word of His servant honored us in May(the month of mercy), 2023.

In the process of his delivery, there was a delay in contraction, then I called
Daddy G.O, although he didn’t pick up that call that evening, I was convinced in my spirit that something had happened, and that week on the 9th of May, we couldn’t even get to the hospital where we registered but went to a nearby clinic, where our son was delivered.

I thank this Great God Of Chosen for this great and mighty thing He has done for us. It looked as if we were written off but you can see now. Three years ago we were two, but now we are four, and we are still counting. When Daddy said her brothers were coming, I knew it was not one, although one has arrived, the other one will join us soon, Praise the Lord!

After a month of my boy’s delivery, the enemy struck, the affliction came within his private part, and one of his testis became bigger than the other. My wife called my attention to it, I looked at it and suggested that we visit the hospital.

On reaching there, the gynecologist said it was a hernia from birth, immediately, I canceled it for him, then the doctor said we should just keep an eye on it and bring him back when he is one or two years old for an operation.

When we got to the house, I prayed with my wife reminding God that His blessings make us rich and add no sorrow to it. We requested that He remove the hernia from our son before the day he will be brought to the church for dedication. A few days later, my wife showed me that the part which was swollen had deflated. Hallelujah! God Of Chosen answers prayer.

It’s a great privilege to be a Chosen; there is no better place to go to. We are happy to identify with this great ministry, since then, our lives have not remained the same. As we have adhered to the follow-up slogan, ‘continuation brings freedom’, more freedom will continue to come our way in Jesus’ name.

Readers and commentators, relax, stay focused, and your tears will turn into a smile. Before now, I did ask myself when the dedication song would be sung for me, but now, it has been sung for us over again.

Wife: I return all the glory to God who has made me a mother of two children( a boy and a girl). I give God all glory and praise, and I say may His name alone be highly exalted.

To my G.O. who has been praying for us, I pray that the Lord will never forsake him, and let all his needs to actualize the vision and mandate, spiritually, physically, and financially be granted unto him. Let God increase his greatness and encourage him all around.

To the pastors, youths, and friends who have been with us, may God bless you all tremendously. To my family and all Chosen members worldwide, I pray, heaven at last in Jesus’ name.

Do you have a delay in conception or you’re barren? Are you afflicted with any terminal diseases? Visit any of our branches close to you, the Lord will touch you, and your stories shall be turned to glory.