2 Months Deafness And Dumbness Crushed Instantly After The Prayer Of Our General Overseer

The little boy by the name Brother Friday James was accompanied to this programme by his mother. He had been deaf and dumb for the past 2 months. The situation seemed hopeless until they were invited by their Sister Romi, her in-law.

They came to this programme full of expectations all the way from Araromire, a village in Osun state, Nigeria. Prior to this time, the mother had taken him to different hospitals and churches all without a positive result.

Just as the General overseer was praying during the instant miracle session on the second day of the program, “God that does that which no man can do, 25th June 2023” he declared healing to people suffering from deafness and dumbness, instantly his mouth became lose and his ear opened.

The mammoth crowd became thrilled when this little brother began to talk perfectly. He was tested severally and he spoke to the amazement of all and to the glory of God.

Chosen praise the Lord!

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