11 Years Of Vision Loss As A Result Of Glaucoma Miraculously Rolled Away

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD” ~ Jeremiah 30:17

What God cannot do, indeed does not exist, come and see that the Lord is good, he casteth down and he maketh alive.
Below is a testimony of our Brother whom the Lord has visited.

My name is Brother Bassey Ekoh and I reside at Adepotu Ogudu Berger, I have suffered eye problems for 11 years now, it started with severe eye pain and when I went for an eye examination, I was diagnosed with Glaucoma and I started going for treatment which has cost me a lot. After a while, the doctors requested I go for another eye test which revealed I have cataracts in my eye.

At that point, I was dismal because I couldn’t see clearly even with eye-medicated glasses, I attended this Easter Retreat with faith that God will heal me. When the man of God started declarations and prayers, he mentioned my case immediately I opened my eyes and removed my glasses and to my surprise, I can see people around me clearly. I even walked to the pulpit without glasses or human aid.

Indeed God is great.

Praise the Lord!