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Posted on 7:22 am 10 February, 2018

Name: Sis Caroline Okoli

Worshipping at: Charity Branch

Joined The Lord’s Chosen: 2006

It happen in the month of july, my husband travelled to the village to do some work and he was done, about to come back, then discovered that one of our land, there is this boy in the family that the mother gave birth to him and then remarry, he said he has already taken the land, so my husband called the boy and said to him why do you take this land, the boy replied “who is talking, you old man, i will beat, my husband then told the boy that whether you will beat me or not, don’t touch that land, so as my husband wants to enter our compound, he called my husband back and said to him “nothing dey happen”, said again to my husband that instead of him to leave that land for my husband, he will die, he then hit is hand of the ground, repeated the word again the second time, my husband then said to him that i don’t know what you are talking about, i am chosen, you better leave my land for me. So the elders heard of the matter and then said to my husband that he will not return yet, so that they will address the matter appropiately, my husband waited, the addressing of the matter was scheduled for 8th of October, 2017, October 7th i was in the workers meeting in the head-quarter, my phone was ringing continously, i then went out to recieve the call, reaching outside the auditorium i discovered it’s my husband, i picked, greet him and asked how is he doing and also what was happening, then my husband disclosed to me that the boy is dead, he dead immediately after the accident he was involve in, so later in the evening that day, my husband called me back, telling me that the family of the boy, both the mother accuse him of killing the boy, it wasn’t a small case, even the news had gone viral all over the village, so i told my husband right on the call that he shouldn’t worry, that we are a chosen, saying to him that the God of Chosen who has started the work will finish it and he will see us through. I came back to the head-quarter, presenting the matter to the God of Chosen, that he should go and take control of the matter, so the burial of the boy was scheduled for 25th of October, i then travel on the 24th of October, before i travelled i came to the church, i bought the sticker that has the image of our G.O, with the title “AND THE ENEMY SUBMITTED”, as i travelled home i placed the sticker on our gate with the banner that was there titled “ONLY GOD CAN DO THIS”, later on someone came to us saying we should call THE POLICE or THE ARMY, that what the people are planning is very bad, i then told the person that did you come through our gate, he said yes, i asked again what did you see, he said he saw A man pointing at them, so i said yes it is enough for me, that he will see what my God will do for me, the person said ok, on the day of the wake-keep, there were various tout everywhere in their compound, both motorcycle rider in IHIALA LGA having knifes and gun shouting they won’t agree that they have kill one of their member, i and my husband were in our house prayer, asking God of Chosen to intervene, God intervened, the boys didn’t come near our gate but destroy every other persons properties around our house and on the day of the burial the same thing happen, the boys went around destroying peoples things but didn’t touch any of our properties because God of Chosen was with us. After the burial, the elders in the family called my husband, so that they will resolve the issue, we prayed before my husband left the house, when my husband reached the place of the meeting, the elders start apologizing to my husband and everyone there, saying my husband is innocent, that is the boy that killed himself, so after the meeting, later in the evening 6:30pm precisely the boy and the boy wife began accusing themselves of killing the boy, when the issue lingered they came to call my husband to resolve the issue for them but I refused my husband from going and at the end of the whole thing God of Chosen scatter their plan and we collected our land back. I give God all the glory, I’m happy to be a chosen.

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