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Posted on 2:19 pm 9 February, 2018

Name: Sis onyenachi       

Worshipping at: ikoyi Region

Joined The Lord’s Chosen: 2006

i attended one of the thursday service, i have been sick often and often, while i was treating it as headache, because it was disturbing my brain and stomach, and it was getting worse and worse, so Tuesday before the Thursday, i told my colleaques that i want to go the hospital because i don’t understand what is wrong with my body, when i get to the hospital i was told it is ulcer, that it is in a critical state, if i take medicine and eat food my stomach will be aching me badly, so i decided to come to the Thursday service, the first case that the G.O mention was the ulcer case, he cancelled the ulcer and he said i should go and eat pepper, that the ulcer is gone, so when i got home, i did as our G.O said, i warm my soup and put plenty of pepper then i ate the soup, i didn’t feel any pain again, no symptom of ulcer again. I glorified God who has done this for me. I wish my G.O heaven at last in jesus name.

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