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Posted on 4:46 pm 25 November, 2017

Firstly, she was healed of severe headache, the same thing sickness that led to that death of her. When she joined chosen 2005 she and her sister were coming, suddenly the sister became sick after which neighbours in the compound where they live, began telling them to leave chosen to find solution to the sister’s sickness elsewhere, and after much persuasion she left the church with her sister, but after some while the sister died, after 10 years she back to chosen, sow seed of 1,000 naira at WONDER WORKING GOD CRUSADE, the sickness that killed her sister which start affecting her was rolled away totally, now is completely free that curse.

Secondly, she glorified God for healing her mother from poisoned leg. Her mother stepped on poison in the village, she was told by her sister then her sisters told her to sow seed of faith, she had less cash on her but she sowed her new wrapper (which had not used) during the woman program “WOMAN THOU HAS FOUND FAVOUR WITH GOD”, after which the servant of God mentioned her mother’s case at various ministration in various service, the problem was rolled away afterward and the mother was totally free and healed.

Chosen Praise The Lord.

Name: Sis Kelechi Sunday

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