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Posted on 8:11 am 10 February, 2018

Name: Sis Immanuella Onyekachi

Joined The Lord’s Chosen: September 2017

I was once a member of Living Faith Chapel, there were series of death in my family every at two month interval, when I was still there, one of the day the Man of God was praying and he said if you are in this church for 3 month plus and you have not gotten any miracle, know it that I’m not your prophet, so I started praying that oh God show me my prophet, each time I pray that prayer I will see our G.O in the dream, when I see our G.O, he will hold a microphone singing a particular song and everyone singing with him will be dressed in white and dew from heaven is falling upon everyone, so I was wandering that God do you want me to be a chosen, after the dream I didn’t hearken to the dream, I went to Watchman, in the service of the watchman church, I was still getting the ministration to come to The Lord’s Chosen, after those various encounter I made-up my mind to come to Chosen, when I came I presented the matter to God of Chosen, prayer was made by our daddy in the Lord, the yoke was broken. Since when I join this ministry the yoke of death is broken.

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